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Reuniting loved ones and family

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

What We Do


There is no cost associated with these services. Our resourceful volunteers work tirelessly to locate and reunite families using public databases and outside organisations such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.  At all stages of the process, we provide updates on progress and leads. Many of our committed volunteers are also work outside usual office hours.



Next of kin may not necessarily be family or relatives. In such cases, we advise, assist and support local hospital Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), hospital admissions departments, local authorities, residential care homes, carers or social workers to locate next of kin for any number of reasons. We use the same databases and outside organisations to assist with such searches.



One of the most crucial issues in recent years that is overlooked by many agencies such as the DWP is the necessity for an "Appropriate Adult" to be present at appointment and assessments such as the notorious PIP assessment that has seen so many vulnerable people unfairly lose their benefits. An appropriate adult can also assist with filling in complicated forms such as Pension and PIP. We bring in Appropriate Adults from the professional network whenever needed. 


Free Will Writing

Lewis Law is providing a free will writing service to people in need. These wills are repaired by a professional solicitor with over forty years of experience. They have an online will form or can conduct inquiries by phone and send a completed will by post based on the information provided.

Lewis law also provides an emergency will writing service and also handles all probate matters.

www.wills-probate.info - email info@wills-probate.info

REUNITE: "to come together or cause to come together

again after a period of separation or disunity"

Michael Sweet

Important Links

Care Quality

The independent regulator of all health and social care services in England

NHS Choices

An online guide is for people who have care and support needs

Citizens Advice

The Citizens Advice is a free service and provide assistance on a wide range of issues


The Department for Work and Pensions is responsible for welfare and pension policy

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Reuniting families
and loved ones